Dr. Mohammad Ali Movahed more

Hujjat al-Islam and Muslims Qasim Kakai more

Dr. Hossein Ali Ghobadi more

Dr. Lily Anwar more

Professor Dr. Mahmoud Orwell Qelich more

Dr. Darya Ors more

Dr. Fatemeh Tabatabai more

Dr. Ali Tamiz Al more

Dr. Shahin Avani more

Hojjat al-Islam and Muslims Sayyid Taha Marqati Khoi more

Dr. Turghaya Shafaq more

Dr. Manzar Soltani more

Dr. Nemat Yildirim more

Dr. Babak Alikhani more

Dr. Mahmoud Yousef sani more

Dr. Shahram Pazouki more

Dr. Morteza Shajari more

Dr. Ali Asghar Mosleh more

Dr. Iraj Shahbazi more

Dr. Ahmad Paktchi more

Dr. Mohammad Ali Fateh Elahi more

Dr. Yousef Mohammad Nezad Aali Zamini more

Dr. Tawfiq Sobhani more

Dr. Maryam Ameli Rezaei more

Dr. Mehdi Mohebbi more

Dr. Mohammad Baqer Mohseni more

Dr. Shahriar Hassanzadeh more

Dr. Mahboub Mahdavian more

Dr. Rahman Mushtaq Mehr more

Dr. Abdolmehdi Mostakin more

Dr.Fatemeh Modaresiy more

Dr. Mehdi Moeinzadeh more

Dr. Mohammad Reza Piri more

Dr. Najibeh Honarvar more

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international conference of Shams tabrizi:

Scientific secretariat address: Iran - Tehran, Kurdistan Highway. Iranian Studies, 64th West, Institute for Human Sciences and Cultural Studies Phone number:021-88046891

Executive secretariat address: Iran - West Azarbaijan - Khoy - Shahid Samadzadeh Street - Old Town Hall Building Phone number: 044-36240090

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