The basis of 1401 scientific conference

  1. Peace, tolerance and peaceful coexistence from the point of view of Shams and Rumi
    1. Condition and conversational etiquette in Shams and Rumi’s thoughts
  2. Freedom and liberty from the perspective of Shams and Rumi
  3. Analysis of Shams’ article from linguistic, literary, historical, cultural, sociological and psychological perspective
  4. Mystical, intellectual and Verve sources of Shams Tabrizi
  5. The position and researches which related to Shams Tabrizi in different countries of world
    1. Eastern ethic and the philosophy of Shams and Rumi,
    2. Rumi and Shams with the followers of different religions, especially in Iran, turkey and Afghanistan,
    3. Rumi and Shams in the verbal culture of the Afghan, Turkish and Iranian people,
    4. Rumi and Shams in the west,
    5. Review and critique of translation of Rumi and Shams articles in other languages,
    6. The aspect of Shams in contemporary Turkish fiction,
    7. Review and critique of the latest research related to Rumi and Shams in Iran and the world,
    8. Shams in Ottoman Sufi literature.
  6. Various narration of Shams and Rumi meeting in historical texts, travelogues, biographies, and written works which are about seventh century
    1. Shams Tabrizi in historical texts and literary biographies.


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international conference of Shams tabrizi:

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