Congress Main Topics:

- Shams and Mevlana from the aspect of Mystical and Literary Researches

- Shams and Mevlana from the aspect of Interdisciplinary Researches



- Similarity and differentiation of mystical thoughts of Shams and Mevlana (comparative studies)

- Reviewing of Shams and Mevlana'sthoughts through interdisciplinary approaches

- Reviewing of Shams and Mevlana's thoughts through literary criticism approaches

- Shams and Mevlana'sview in the field of religious, cultural and social thought

- Pathology of research related to Shams and Mevlana

- Ceremonial and dramatic art influenced by Shams and Mevlana

- The effect of Maqalat-i Shams on Persian and Turkish literature

- Similarity and distinction between mystical and theological thoughts of Shams with other theologians

- Manuscriptresearch of Maqalat-i Shams

- The Position of Shams in the Monaqheb nameh

- Narrative approaches in Maqalat-i Shams

- Islamic mysticism in the thoughts and works of Shams and Mevlana

- The effect of Shams and Mevlana on their doctorin

- The role of political, Social and historical situation in the development of Shams Tabrizi's personality

- Comparative study of the historical-social Situation of Iran and Anatoly concurrentin the Shams and Mevlana era

- The span of Shams and Mevlana's school to expand the culture of peace, interaction and tolerance in the contemporary world

- The position and role of Shams and Mevlana in the cultural ties and interactions of Iran and Turkey

- The effect of religious texts on Shams and Mevlana's thoughts

- Geographical and social position of "Khoy" in the development of science, culture and mysticism

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international conference of Shams tabrizi:

Scientific secretariat address: Iran - Tehran, Kurdistan Highway. Iranian Studies, 64th West, Institute for Human Sciences and Cultural Studies Phone number:021-88046891

Executive secretariat address: Iran - West Azarbaijan - Khoy - Shahid Samadzadeh Street - Old Town Hall Building Phone number: 044-36240090

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