The life and thoughts of Shams Tabrizi from the perspective of historical, mystical and epistemological research point of view.

Shams Tabrizi's life and thoughts from the perspective of interdisciplinary research


 Suggested topics


Mystical and epistemological approaches in Shams’ articles(Maqalat)



Critique of Shams Tabrizi's Thoughts



Shams Tabrizi and Human needs today



Shams from the point of view of his supporters and opponents



Shams’ worldview and ideology



The influence of Shams on later and earlier mystics



The teachings and connections of Shams and Rumi from the perspective of interdisciplinary research



Shams Tabrizi and reformist views in the field of religious, cultural and social thoughts



The capacity of Shams Tabrizi and Rumi’s School in spreading the culture of peace, interaction and tolerance in the contemporary world



The record and pathology of Researches on Shams in Iran and the world


A comparative study of the political, social and cultural situation in Iran and Anatolia, in the seventh century with an emphasis on how mystical ideas were formed



Shams's appearance in historical works and books



Life, time and tomb of Shams Tabrizi



Articles of research documents on Shams


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