Dr.Muzaffar Ali Kashmeeri




Name                    :        Muzaffar Ali Kashmeeri

Father’s Name      :        Rashid Ahmed Butt

Date of Birth         :        18th April 1946

Place of Birth         :        Lahore – Pakistan

NIC                       :        61101-1982871-3

Domicile               :        (ICT) Islamabad

NTN                      :        1103179-4

Passport                 :        AL4848713

Validity                 :        11-06-2024

Home Address       :        House # 50, Street # 101, Sector G-13/1,

                                      Islamabad , 44000, Pakistan

Telephone Res      :        092-51 2323190

Cell Phone            :        092-321 5034666

                                      092-310 5034666

E-mail                  :




2015      :         Ph.D  Iqbal  Studies

                        Allama Iqbal Open University , Islamabad

                        Research and Study work completed (Writing Thesis)

  1. :         M.Phil Iqbal Studies

     Allama Iqbal Open University , Islamabad

    Title of Research Thesis

     “An Analytical study of Maulana

     Roum and Allama  Iqbal’s Quranic understanding with   

      reference to Masnavi-e- Ma’anavi and Iqbal’s Urdu



2003       :         Master of Arts in Persian

 University of the Punjab, Lahore

2001       :         Bachelors of Arts

 Allama Iqbal Open University , Islamabad

1972       :         Intermediate Examination

 Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education , Lahroe

1963      :        Secondary School Examination

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore.




            Teaching of Persian Language to beginners specially foreigners (a curriculum prescribed by the Council for Promotion of  Persian language and literature, Islamic Republic of Iran, and Persian Language and Literature to  University Graduates.




  • Visiting Faculty at International Islamic University Islamabad, since September 2005.
  • Teaching Persian Language at Iranian Cultural Centre Rawalpindi, since 2002
  • Proficient in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Persian languages both spoken, written and having sufficient knowledge of Arabic language.






  • Persian Language Courses, for a duration of our year Iran Cultural Centre, Rawalpindi.

Elementary 2001

Intermediate 2001

Advanced 2002

  • Refresher course on Enhancement of Persian language and literature held at Iran Cultural centre, Rawalpindi.                           June 2005
  • Workshop on “ Modern Teaching Methodology and Teachings” held at National University of Modern Language and Sciences, Islamabad.   

                                                                                        19-23 Feb 2007

  • Workshop on “ Teaching of Iranian Language and Culture to Non – Persian speaking” held at National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad                                                                12-17 June 2008
  • 40 hourly Refresher Course on “ Enhancement of Persian Language and literature ” held at Iran Cultural Centre, Rawalpindi

                                                                                      December 2009

  • Refresher course on “ Enhancement of Persian Language and Literature” held at Iran Cultural Centre, Rawalpindi.

       21-24-Dec 2010

  • Attended “ Iran knowing Workshop” held at National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad.              14-29 Feb 2012
  • Second Teaching workshop on “Persian Language and Literature Teaching Methodology” held at Allama Iqbal open University , Islamabad.                                                            14-18 June 2014




  • Presented a Paper (« بیدل» در آئینه بیدل )

     2nd International Seminar on Mirza Abdual Qadir Bedil

 Tehran Iran,    « دومین عرس ابوالمعالی میرزا عبدالقادر بیدل »                                     

                                                                   29-31 November, 2006

  • Participated in an International Conferenc “ Hajj is a symbol of International Unity” held  in Delhi (India)

                                                                           10 -11 October 2009

  • Attended the Seventh International Conference of Teachers of Persian Language and literature   « هفتمین کنگرۀ بین المللی استادان زبان و ادبیات فارسی» held , at Tehran University Tehran Iran.

                                                                             11 - 15 January 2011

  • Participated in International Conference for Promotion of Persian Language and Literature held at Allama Tabatabai University Tehran Iran.

                                                                             17- 18 January 2012





      Teaching Persian Language at Iran Cultural Centre Rawalpindi and also serving  as visiting Lecturer, Persian Department, Faculty of Language and Literature, International Islamic University Islamabad









﴿ Exhortative stories translated from Persian to Urdu, Book under title «شرارت کی پڑیا»  was published by Technical Publishers, Urdu Bazar Lahore in 1972 and same was approved by board of Education Punjab for school students.

﴿ Translated a book under title “Selected Stories” «داستانهای برگزیده» For Young people consisting of 18 stories written by the most famous European story writers which was first translated in Persian by “ S.M.A. Jamal Zadeh” and then some Persian version is converted in Urdu Language by  me.

﴿ Monograph of Atiya Beguam on Iqbal this book is translated from English into Persian .

﴿ Review and correction of course book « فارسی زبان و ادب »  course code No 5622 for M.A. Urdu Students. Allama Iqbal Open University ,Islamabad۔




     Published in Bi- annual Urdu magazines” ILM KI ROSHANI”«علم کی روشنی»  of A.I.O.U. Islamabad and monthly Urdu Maqagine “PAYAM” « پیام»  House # 40, Bela Road, Sector,G-10/1, Islamabad.

1 غروب خورشید (2008 – 02)

2 – غزلیات شمس میں  مولانا رومی کا عرفان اور رمز و کنایه (2007 جلد 9 شماره 1)

3 – مولانای روم کا  قبۀ الخضراء (2007 – 11)

4 – حضرت ایلیا کے حضور (2007 – 10)

5 – امام العارفین ابوالحسن علی ابن ابی طالب (2007 – 9)

6 – شهریار کا پیغام آئن سٹائن کے نام  (2006 – 7)




      Presented and read on different occasions at Iran- Pakistan Institute of Persian Studies Islamabad and Iran Cultural Centre , Rawalpindi .


1 چگونگی نشر آثار فارسی توسط برخی از استادان دانشگاهی هند پس از استقلال

 2 مدت کوتاه آشنایی با یک استاد بزرگ

3 اقبال شناسی زینه ای اول پاکستان شناسی در ایران

4 نقش خانه فرهنگ ایران در آموزش زبان فارسی در راولپندی و حومه

5 پیام شهریار به انیشتن 

6 قیصر امین پور شاعری خسته  از آرزوها

7 نعت سرای شاعران فارسی در شبه قاره

8 مصاحبت با ایرانیان و آموختن زبان فارسی اقتدای پیغامبر (ص) اسلام است



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