International conference of Shams and Rumi
(Shams-e Tabrizi & the modern world)

Shams-e Tabrizi & human existential issues
- Shams-e Tabrizi & the solutions for human solitude
- The reflection of the restless thoughts of Shams in the articles
- Shams-e Tabrizi and the violation of social habits
- thinking of death in the perspective of Shams & the beliefs of modern man
- the philosophy of sorrow and happiness in the thoughts of Shams & the current world

Wisdom, beliefs & spirituality n the perspective of Shams

Shams in the mirror of temporary art & literature.
- crystallization of Shams in the art (performance, ritual, musical and visual arts)
- traces of Shams in the literacy works of Iran and the world
- researches about Shams under criticism

The position of Khoy and Azerbaijan in the mysticism of the era of Shams-e Tabrizi

- researches in the documents of Shams-e Tabrizi
- the cultural and mystical status of Khoy, before and after the era of Shams-e Tabrizi
- specification & characteristics of the mysticism of Azarbaijan
- works and structures of mysticism and Sufism in Khoy.
- relations between Azarbaijan & Anatolia in the era of Shams.

It's worthnoting that the other articles related to Shams-e Tabrizi & the topic of the coference will be referred and evaluated.


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international conference of Shams tabrizi:

Executive secretariat address: Iran - West Azarbaijan - Khoy - Shahid Samadzadeh Street - Old Town Hall Building Phone number: 044-36240090

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